Saturday, 1 June 2013

I went sleepwalking last night. I only know about it because I tripped over the cable to the webcam and pulled it down. The sound woke me up. I found myself standing in the middle of my room, clutching the prehistoric tool that had been on my desk. I'd been having one of my recurring dreams about the tundra.

As usual, I'd been sitting by the fire with the old woman. She'd started speaking to me in a language I couldn't understand, then stopped and scowled at me. She pulled a charred, straight stick from the fire and began to draw in a pile of ash on her other side. I could see the ash, and the stick moving, but not what she was drawing. I was desperate to see. I stood and walked over to her. As I moved, my eyesight dimmed. By the time I was close enough to see what she'd drawn, I couldn't. My hand felt cold, and I knew I was holding the tool. The old woman told me to go back to my seat. As I walked back, my sight began to return. Then I jolted awake as the webcam crashed to the floor.

I reset the webcam. I checked it in the morning, but there was nothing there. There weren't any other signs that the thing had visited; I'll get some footage of it soon enough. I'm tempted to go to bed holding the prehistoric tool. I'd like to know what happens next in the dream.

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