Tuesday, 14 May 2013

We've arrived at the new station. It's miles from the old station, and farther back from the centre of The Sick Land. The new station is a low building that sprawls over a large area. There's more space, and it seems much bigger because everything is spread out. Barbed wire surrounds the building; there's no one around to keep out, but the military stick with what works, I guess. While the other two were unpacking, I explored the building.

The bedrooms are similar to the ones at the old station, but with one difference: they have windows. The windows are small, made with thick tinted glass, and barred. It's great to have some natural light. The garage is bigger than the old one, with more vehicles. We've got motorcycles and a few beaten-up cars, as well as some decent Jeeps. There's also a huge personnel carrier, which looks like it saw action in some war decades ago. I doubt it works, but it's a good source of parts. There's a large area set aside for a lab, but at the moment, there's nothing there but furniture. We'll have to wait for a delivery of equipment.

I hope this place is a bit luckier than the last one.

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