Tuesday, 28 May 2013

We went into the deep Green, taking two Jeeps with full kit. My hope was that we'd manage to get close to the Yellow Zone; we didn't.

Mo began to feel sick as we went deeper. Val pulled their Jeep over, and Mo staggered away to throw up. I was impatient and drove on. My Jeep broke down about a hundred yards ahead of them. I couldn't start it, so I walked back to the other Jeep to get a tow.

Mo was more ill than I'd thought. I was worried, and decided I'd take them back to the station before towing my Jeep. I had to drive very carefully. When I'd dropped them off, I went back. The round trip had taken a few hours; it was long enough for something to wreck my Jeep.

The tires had been ripped apart, and all the windows were broken. The bodywork was covered in scratches, and all the kit from inside was missing or destroyed. Severed wires hung from the dashboard like loose threads. I connected the tow rope and dragged the ruined Jeep back to the station.

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