Thursday, 16 May 2013

Last night, I heard tapping at my window. This time, I was awake. I rolled over and stood. The tapping continued. The floodlights outside the station create a gentle glow behind my curtains; whatever was tapping on my window cast a shadow. I stepped toward the window. The tapping stopped. I crept forward slowly, walking on the balls of my feet, barely daring to breath. I was a step away from reaching the curtain when the shadow vanished. I leapt forward and tore open the curtains. There was nothing there, just the wet concrete reflecting the yellow floodlights. I pressed my face against the window; I could see the concrete was dry under the overhanging roof. A single wet mark discoloured the ground. The mark was a rough 'V', about a foot long with a thick point. I stared out for a while longer.

Tomorrow, I'll take Val and Mo into the Green Zone for the first time. Maybe I can find some more evidence of my nocturnal visitor.

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